Recombinant mouse CD14


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Product information "Recombinant mouse CD14"


The mCD14 is produced from mouse CD14 transfected CHO-cells in serum free medium. Before transfection the complete mouse CD14-cDNA was amplified by PCR and cloned into expression vector p-POL-DHFR.


1 mg/ml phosphate-buffered saline , pH 7.2, (determined by mouse-CD14-ELISA lyophilized

For reconstitution add 10µl water to obtain 1 mg/ml


Purified by His-tag with metal affinity chromatography Talon (Clontech) and controlled by SDS page

Endotoxin content

Below 0.1 ng/ml after heating 5', 75°C (LAL-test, Chromogenix)

Special note

The myeloid differentiation antigen CD14 acts as the major receptor for bacterial LPS. The dominant form of the recombinant wild type CD14 is the 50 kDa protein.
Up to 5µg/ml mouseCD14 inhibit binding of FITC-LPS (0.5µg/ml) to mouse CD14+CHO transfectants



10 µg


long time storage at –80°C


Material Safety Data Sheet - Proteins and Antibodies