SLC20A1 monoclonal antibody (M01), clone 6A9-F2

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Product information "SLC20A1 monoclonal antibody (M01), clone 6A9-F2"

Mouse monoclonal antibody raised against a full length recombinant SLC20A1.
Isotype:IgG2a kappa
Gene name:SLC20A1
Gene alias:DKFZp686J2397|FLJ41426|GLVR1|Glvr-1|PIT1|PiT-1
Gene description:solute carrier family 20 (phosphate transporter), member 1
Immunogen:SLC20A1 (AAH19944, 1 a.a. ~ 679 a.a) full-length recombinant protein with GST tag. MW of the GST tag alone is 26 KDa.
Protein accession:AAH19944
Storage buffer:In 1x PBS, pH 7.2
Storage instruction:Store at -20°C or lower. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Species reactivity / Cross reactivity:Human
Application key:S-ELISA,ELISA,WB-Re
Size:100 ug
Quality controle images:
Western Blot detection against Immunogen (100.43 KDa) .